mdp patents out and about – Inventor’s Association – 1 May 2019

On 1 May 2019, Shu-Yen gave a presentation to the Inventor’s Association – Victoria on the Recent and Upcoming IP Law changes from the recent IP Laws Amendment (Productivity Commission Response Part 1 and Other Measures) Act 2018 and in particular the proposed Exposure Draft of the IP Laws Amendment (Productivity Commission Response Part 2 and Other Measures) Bill. In particular, Shu-Yen outlined the most significant changes including the reduced non-use grace period for trade marks, the proposed abolition of the innovation patent system as well as the proposed objects clause.

The audience was very friendly and enthusiastic with lots of questions on a variety of topics.

Thanks to the Inventor’s association for their lovely invitation to speak to their members.

Picture of mdp patents

mdp patents

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