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Safeguarding your innovations is crucial to success in the competitive business landscape. We draft high-quality patent specifications that accurately describe your inventions at competitive prices. Our global connections enable us to extend the protection of your intellectual property internationally, including Europe, the U.S., and China. From filing an application to examination and beyond, we seamlessly guide our clients through the patent process.

Trade Marks

A trade mark registration is a valuable marketing tool and business asset that distinctly identifies and protects your brand. Careful selection of a trade mark and its associated goods or services is essential for obtaining an enforceable and valuable registration. We offer support throughout the registration process, both in Australia and internationally. Once your trade mark is registered, others are prohibited from using it for similar goods and services without your permission.


Design registrations protect the visual elements of your products. They are suitable for items with distinct visual appeal, such as fashion garments or beverage containers. Although filing a design application is reasonably straightforward, careful consideration must be given to the format of product representations to ensure rights are sustained into the future. We also assist with pursuing design rights internationally. Those interested in design rights should not publicly disclose their design before filing for protection.


We can help systematically review your business to identify intangible assets, assess related risks, and identify development opportunities.

Our range of search services includes competitor and patentability searches, enabling us to determine if your idea requires protection. Our searches assist in assessing if your invention is novel and inventive, two critical factors in achieving enforceable patent rights.

We can help assess the risk that your product or brand may infringe another party’s patents or trade marks. This can give you peace of mind to market and commercialise your product.

Through close collaboration, we deliver the most cost-effective intellectual property protection strategies for your business and budget while simultaneously pursuing patent, trade mark, or design registrations to protect your intellectual assets.

Every jurisdiction we service has a unique renewal and maintenance schedule that must be monitored and managed to protect your intellectual property rights. Our renewal services include notifying you of upcoming renewals, renewal fees, completed renewals and the date for your next renewal, saving you the time, effort, and expense of dealing with global renewal payment services.

Our comprehensive in-house intellectual property management services include reporting, Board of Director support and intellectual property strategic development. Our services are available on a retainer or action-by-action basis.

To stay ahead of your competition in Australia and international markets, we can help monitor newly published patents, trade marks, and designs. Our monitoring services focus on specific competitors or your preferred field of technology.

We have extensive experience handling opposition proceedings and defending and enforcing intellectual property rights in Australia and New Zealand. If the circumstances require, we will collaborate with mdp Law, our partner law firm, to provide various legal services, including litigation and dispute resolution.

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